Allstate Resource Management - These good folks work very hard to keep South Florida's lakes in good shape so that our imperiled wildlife may flourish for benefit of all.

Amanda Walsh Official Website - What's a personal website for if a proud auntie cannot brag on her gorgeous and talented niece? Amanda began acting at age 12, was the youngest VJ on MuchMusic in Canada and now makes movies and tv shows in Hollywood. She is my hero!

Anatomy In Clay - Headquartered in Colorado, this very cool company teaches us so much about our bodies by using simple clay shapes, formed into muscles and placed on skeleton-armatures. You learn the anatomy of the musculature from the inside out.

Art Aircraft - World class metal sculptor Omar Ali uses scrap metal from airplanes to form the wonderful creatures we see in South Florida. I especially love his fish and his lamps.

AtFull Lighting: LightConverse Realtime 3D Lighting Simulator - More family to be proud of: this is my brother Gordon McVicar's lighting company up in my hometown of Montreal. He's lit shows all over Canada, everything from magicians, dance, to rock concerts. He's also Amanda's dad.

Blue H2O Consulting, LLC - To learn about what you can do to really help our oceans, contact TJ Marshall through this site. It's also a portal to other important sites about saving the ocean; you can learn the devastating truth about offshore drilling here.

Community Emergency Response Teams - This is how ordinary citizens learn how to be of real value in an emergency, a great big terrifying emergency like a hurricane or a terrorist attack. Is anyone really ready in case of a giant disaster? CERT is the way to prepare yourself.

Coral Ridge Realty - Realtor Kyle Jones is the go-to guy for your real estate needs. Despite the scary economy and crazy South Florida real estate market, he will see you through it.

Ferry Command and Don McVicar's Books - My brother Gordon keeps our dad's website going not just in his memory, but to provide historical information on aviation history. Dad wrote thirteen books on his fascinating life as an aviation pioneer which spanned six decades. I am planning paintings of the airplanes I grew up with, the DC-3s, PB-Ys and other classic workhorses from World War II. Dad bought them to fly for the airline he founded and ran for twenty years, World Wide Airways. That time in aviation will never come again, and I would love to capture a bit of it in my artwork. Some of the happiest days of my life were spent in our hangar at Dorval Airport in Montreal.

Five Decades With Tropical Fruit by William F Whitman - This should be the link that goes directly to the giant, photo-rich book I designed and edited for late tropical fruit guru Bill Whitman, sold at the bookstore at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Florida. We decided to donate the book's proceeds to the Garden; Bill's unique and wide-ranging collection of ultratropical fruits now flourish at the Whitman Tropical Fruit Pavilion at the Garden.

Florida Atlantic Planning Society - This is a great group of students and educators from Florida Atlantic University's Department of Urban Planning. I got to know them through our mutual passion of cleaning up the imperiled North Fork of the New River in Fort Lauderdale. Of course, students graduate and the membership changes each year, but FAPS keeps going! Wildlife Research Team supplies a small fleet of canoes and volunteers in partnership with those from FAPS for our river cleanups several times a year.

Green League of Broward - I'm proud and happy to be listed as a Green Business with Green League of Broward.

Green Gator Web Hosting and Design - My web host, notable for running on sustainable, green energy—wind power! An environmentally friendly and low-cost solution for your web site needs; check it out!

Jamie Cannon's Blog - My daughter Jamie's professional blog as a video game designer. The kid just blows me away with her writing. As her proud stepfather Tom loved to say, "It ain't bragging if it's true." Yep.

Jamie Cannon's Fiction - While still in high school, Jamie wrote a trilogy of amazing books of supernatural fiction that earned themselves a dedicated following. Again, she simply astounds me with her writing. Also on this site are poems that will make you cry, gasp, or shudder, but none will leave you unmoved.

The Monster Dungeon - My daughter Christianna Cannon's website is aptly named: this kid can draw dragons that have taken my breath away. Her profound knowledge of reptiles informs her dragon art, plus she has always had a soaring sense of line and space which many artists never attain. Christie designed this website and is my Webmaster for Life, poor kid. THANKS, HONEY!!! Her art may be scary, but she's a really nice person.

Outdoor Adventures Klub - This is a fun bunch of folks who truly live up to their name. If you live in Broward county, especially, or Miami, and would like to go bike riding, camping, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, or even out to dinner with kindred spirits, join OAK and have a blast! They've got something going on every weekend, including a trip in May 2009 to Macchu Picchu.

Pet Planet Magazine - Excellent online resource for pet lovers which complements the quarterly glossy magazine. The publishers donate all the ads for the rescue of pets in need of a "forever" home. Proud to say that I am Contributing Editor.

Quisqualis Rare Fruit and Plant Information - One of the most comprehensive online resources for tropical fruit information.

University of Miami, HOPE: Helping Others through Pro-bono Efforts - I learned about this program through one of our awesome volunteers, Evian White. Basically, dedicated law students such as Evian work with the homeless and poor, providing free legal services while getting paid through HOPE, which helps them with the cost of law school. They have a fun and bountiful yearly auction to raise funds for the program, held at Lowe Art Museum on the University of Miami campus; 2008 marked their 10th year.

Wildlife Research Team - Environmental Education through Habitat Restoration and Conservation; the volunteer-based nonprofit organization I founded in 1993 with my late partner and husband, Dr. Tom Kazo, Eth. PhD. We coordinate and lead our own waterway and coastal cleanups in Broward and Miami-Dade counties all year round, using our fleet of well-known black canoes. Students can earn Community Service hours with us. We are always planning educational adventures as well! And as we say in WRT: We'd love to see YOU in a black canoe!



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